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Salesperson vs. Consultant

Most real estate salespeople do business as if they will never see you or hear from you again. Like a taxi driver. Sometimes they'll get you to your destination safely. Sometimes...well, lets just say they like to get you there as fast as humanly possible so they can get on to their next fare.

I have a different philosophy about doing business. My way of doing business is to think of the relationship with a client as a long-term association.

It's important to me that my clients know that I have their best interests at heart. I tell the truth and live with the consequences. Again and again I've found that people prefer to work this way. My concern is for my clients' well-being, their goals and what is best for them.

Clients are in complete control

I work for you. You will never feel any pressure to buy a particular house, or to make or accept an offer that's not right for you. We won't take shortcuts that don't get you where you need to go.

A high percentage of my business comes in the form of referrals from friends, past clients, friends of past clients. Because these people have known me in the past and have seen firsthand the high level of service and commitment I provide to my clients, there is an unusually high level of trust. That means you can rely on my integrity, my level of skill and market knowledge, and my ability to do the best job possible. You can trust in my commitment to put the needs of clients first.

Since I provide clients with the high level of service that they deserve and require, I expect that our clients will give their heartfelt endorsement of my services to their friends, family members and co-workers.

My goal is to do 100% of my business By Referral Only... with referred people who trust my skills and counsel. The only way to accomplish that is to exceed your expectations by delivering a level of service that you have never experienced before.

Potential new clients learn more about us by reading about or talking to other people who have enjoyed our services. I've set up a True Stories section so you can see and hear what others have to say about the service I deliver.


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