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How To Show Your Home

OUTSIDE: Trim all shrubs. Pull weeds. Plant flowers. Rake Leaves. Water the lawn to keep it green. Pick up and discard or store all implements, materials and debris that are not part of the lawn decor. Wash windows. Garage should be swept, neat and tidy. During the winter, all walks and drives should be shoveled and salted.

LIGHTING: Open all shades and draperies during the daylight hours. Replace all burned out light bulbs with the maximum light producing bulbs. Turn on all lights throughout the house and basement prior to showing the house.

STORAGE:Clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, tools, papers, magazines, books and personal items not contributing to the decor of the room should be stored in closets or dressers. Basement storage areas should be neatly arranged. Kitchen counters should be clean and free of articles not contributing to the decor of the room. Magazines, books, ashtrays, food, bottles, containers, boxes, cans, toys, hobby accessories, tools, dishes, cookware, etc. should be stored in the proper cupboards or storage areas.

CLOSETS: The interiors of closets should present an organized, tidy and uncluttered appearance. Unneeded or unused items should be discarded. Display your storage and utility space by removing unnecessary accumulations in attic, stairways, basement, closets and garage.

BASEMENT: Should be neat, clean, dry and tidy. Materials and tools should be stored on shelves or in cabinets. Discard as much unneeded material as possible prior to showing the house to prospective purchasers.

WINDOWS: Windows should be spotlessly clean inside and out. Window sills, as well as any space between the window and storm window should be spotlessly clean and free of any flaking or loose paint. Windows should be in good repair with no cracks. Screens should be clean and in good condition, free of rust and holes. Any paint on glass should be removed with a razor blade prior to cleaning.

FIXTURES: Bathroom and kitchen fixtures and counters should be sparkling clean. Polish chrome faucets and handles in the tub and sinks. Sinks, tubs, toilets and counters should be clean.

FLOORS: Flooring should be clean and waxed if necessary. Carpeting should be very clean regardless of its age. If the carpeting has not been steam cleaned for more than two years, now is the time to do it. Basement floors should be swept and mopped.

DOORS: Doors should be free of scotch tape, posters, decals, or stickers. Door handles should be clean and in good repair.

CERAMIC TILE: Joints between tiles should be clean and white. Use DAP bathroom tile sealer to reseal the joint between bathtub and wall and floor.

WALLS: Walls should be clean and free of gouges, scratches, smudges, scotch tape, posters, thumbtacks, etc. Walls should only have decorative items on them. Posters and paper pictures taped to walls should be removed and all evidence of the tape markings removed.

ODOR: Nothing smells better than fresh air. On warm days, have your windows open and shades up. Make your home feel and smell bright, fresh and clean and you will have a faster sale.

KEY POINT: Be absolutely certain that there are no pet odors.


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