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Five Questions To Ask Your Lender...

— Before You Sign Anything!

1) Do you have a variety of loan programs to fit my cash flow and expected length of ownership needs? Many neighborhood banks offer a limited number of loan products provided soleley by their institution.

2) Do you offer pre-approvals, not just pre-qualifications? Pre-approval is critical in a competetive marketplace like ours.

3) Do you have the ability to handle difficult credit history? Some lenders simply don't have the interest in helping people they don't consider to be perfect borrowers.

4) Is the rate that you quoted me the rate I will get at closing? Yep, it has happened to many surprised buyers at the closing table. Don't let it happen to you.

5) Can you give me the names and phone numbers of your last five clients as references? If they can't or won't, run the other way as fast as you can.

We can help you locate loan officers with integrity, good pricing (although they don't work for free - would you?), and plenty of experience.

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